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Artist* of the month

Künstler des Monats

There are so many amazing lettering & watercolor artists out there that sometimes you almost lose track - especially on social media. "There was this one, she makes such beautiful compositions. And who could paint the Watercolour roses so beautifully again?" You scroll, search, get inspired, save posts, like pictures and follow so many people. Often you lose sight of the artist behind the profile. That's why we want to dedicate ourselves to a different artist every month. Show the people behind and of course the art.

Here on the homepage there is a separate category - here you will find photos and an interview. And on Instagram, we will show some of their works throughout the month and implement small creative projects - inspired by the artist of the month, of course. Yay!

May 2021 - Carolin @colorheroine

April 2021 - Nadja @youmayalsolikewatercolour

March 2021 - Anja @letterleuchten

Letterleuchten Anja