Artist of the month October

Lena @letterflight


What role does being creative play in your everyday life? Are you creative in other ways besides watercolor and lettering?

Being creative is an integral part of my everyday life. As soon as I have a free minute, I grab pen and brush and start creating.
I can switch off, clear my head and relax :)
It's just really good for me!

Besides lettering & watercolor, I also love to try new creative things. In October, for example, I'm attending a workshop on crocheting headbands.

Do you have other creative goals and dreams that you are already looking forward to?

I dream a lot and with pleasure and also often big and already have a few goals, yes :)
Here a small excerpt:

One goal is with my online course Handlettering Kreativzeit, which opens its doors again in November
, to inspire many people for lettering and show them how
they too can create beautiful results with wow effect in a short time!

But I would also like to encourage others to find their creative way and to go bravely!
For this I would find it great to pass on my experiences and the knowledge that I am allowed to collect to
other artists - whether online, or at events.
I firmly believe that we can grow together as an artist community and
above all can move a lot of positive. I would like to contribute to that.

And then there is a little dream in me...

The dream of an own book about handlettering and watercolor.

That would be a big thing for me!

-thank you very much for the interview, dear Lena