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Many of you people like our free livestreams at or the painting with kids with Mia @frau_tintenklecks so much that you ask us again and again for a coffee fund (or similar). That makes us very happy and grateful!

Basically, we are always happy about a pen order in our store ;) But if you still want to give us a small coffee-cash donation - we have thought of something for you:

There are two organizations that are personally close to our hearts, to which we would like to hand over or pass on this "tip" in the form of a donation.

One of them is the international aid organization humedica e.V. in Kaufbeuren. Humedica provides emergency and disaster relief worldwide, e.g. after earthquakes or during famines. This usually results in long-term aid and reconstruction projects. Thomas worked there after his studies and we support (almost) every year the Christmas parcel actionxtagstartza title="Gift with heart" href="">"Gift with Heart"

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