Artist of the month April

Carlotta from lottelettart


That's me in five words:

Creative, talkative, positive, athletic, perfectionist.

What role does being creative play in your everyday life? Are you creative in other ways besides watercolor and lettering?

A very big role! If I can make it in time, I really paint every day! I think in this day and age where you spend so much time in front of a screen, painting is a great balance. Especially after a stressful day I can really relax when painting and switch off my thoughts times.

Besides lettering and watercolor, I also started painting with gouache and besides being creative with brushes, pencils and colors, I also enjoy beading from time to time.

Where do you find most of your inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration from my everyday life.
Be it when I'm out walking or in cities where there are beautiful rows of houses/buildings or simply at home.

Otherwise, of course, through the typical platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

Do you sometimes have a "crea low" and if so - what do you do about it?

Of course I also have such "crea-lows", although I actually had them more often in the past. I always took a break for a few days
. I think I thought that would bring back the creativity. But I noticed for me that the more often I paint, the more ideas I get!

So if you ever don't know what to paint and you feel that creativity has left you, just find some simple motif like a flower and paint away. Often come then further follow-up ideas such as, for example, a flowertruck, etc..

Are there artists you find particularly great - if so, which ones and why?

I find it difficult to name just one artist here. Everyone has his own style and something very special. But artists like Sue from @mayandberry, Ingrid from @landletterei and Shayda from @shaydacampbell I find very inspiring and love scrolling through their Instagram feed. Sue always totally catches me with her urban motifs, Ingrid has simply beautiful and colorful letterings and with Shayda I love her floral compositions.

Creativity and social media - what are your thoughts on this?

Two very different ones.

On the one hand, I think social media is great for getting inspired and for inspiring others. I've also been able to meet a lot of great female artists via Instagram, for example, and I'm always happy when we exchange ideas and/or paint together.

On the other hand, social media also puts a bit of pressure on you. Especially in the beginning, when you see how advanced others are and you yourself might not be that far yet, and also because you often put yourself under pressure to always post something regularly.

Do you have any other creative goals and dreams you're looking forward to?

I would like to open my own ETSY store this year and would be very happy to discover one or two of my cards in stores.

Thank you for the interview, dear Carlotta