Sophie @the_modern_traditional

Artist of the month December


What role does being creative play in your everyday life? Are you creative in other ways besides watercolor and lettering?

Creative works are (as long as they are not commissioned works) my little islands and time-outs in everyday life. They help me to forget everything around me, at least for a short moment, and to focus only on the here and now.

The creative world is so diverse and the possibilities so great - that's why I love trying out different creative techniques. Besides pure watercolor painting and the Watercolour & Ink technique, I like to make Watercolour Paper Art collages from (old) Waterclour works and combine my love for typography and watercolor painting in them. Also, in the last year I've taken a liking to digital illustration and illustration with colored pencils.

Creativity and social media - what are your thoughts on this

Personally, I see it as both an opportunity and a risk. As a chance, because you can get insights into the work of artists from all over the world, feel inspired and motivated by it and maybe (re)discover your passion for certain creative techniques. It's also a nice way to show your work and exchange ideas with other creative people.

However, from my point of view, social media in connection with creativity can also be a risk. The many external influences can be unsettling. You draw comparisons, lose sight of yourself in the process, and put yourself under pressure. The original idea behind creative work, namely to have fun, to find peace and relaxation and to express oneself through creative works, can quickly get lost. That's why I think it's important to literally switch off once in a while. To let social media be social media and to consume it consciously. True to the motto:
"Inspire instead of imitate." Because creativity has so many facets.

Do you have other creative goals and dreams you're looking forward to?

It would be wonderful to see one of my illustrations on a puzzle. Because I love to do puzzles. (Painting anyway. 😊) And to decorate an article of the Flow Magazine with my motives is also a big dream of mine.

-Thank you very much for the interview, dear Sophie.