Artist of the month February

Milly Monday


That is me in five words:

Five words are not enough.

What role does being creative play in your everyday life? Are you creative in other ways besides watercolor and lettering?

Being creative, or creative thinking, takes the main role in my life. No matter if I have to solve a new problem at my main job, if I hold a pen/brush/... in my hand, if I need a new desk corner at home with my husband or, or, or. I always think creatively, but practically.

Do you sometimes have a "crea-low" and if so - what do you do about it?

Of course! The best thing that helps me is real distance. Don't force anything. Then puzzle, netflix or read for a few days and let the pens be pens. After a few days it's back on its own and has to be put on paper.

Do you have role models - if so, which ones?

Yep. I don't want myself or my life to be a copy. I look to many people for their skills and successes. I'm always interested in the HOW behind the art. But there are so many brave, talented, hardworking artists out there that inspire me.

Creativity and social media - what are your thoughts on this?

I'm glad creativity happens there too, so it's not all flat content, advertising and politics. Creative content is predominantly positive. You can find like-minded people here regardless of time and place. On the other hand, it also increases the pressure on artists: post, be there, like. Endure unsolicited opinions or comments. The cell phone is always with you. In addition, there is a society of "nothing-cost culture", but this is not only a problem in the area of social media.

Do you have any other creative goals and dreams you're looking forward to?

Ohhhyeah! I want to give more value to my livestreams in the Mondagsletterei to not only give more value to my work, but to art and other artists in general. I'd love to try new things: a mural for a change, new fonts like casual, wedding stationery, chalkboard lettering. There is so much to discover and I'm not the person to dig deep into one thing and stay in one specialty. Sure, my specialty is and will always be letters, but what mediums they are created with, what they look like, who they bring joy to... that must remain an adventure for me! What I have planned for Milly Montag concretely this year, I'll reveal soon :)

- we are excited :) Thank you for the interview, dear Emily