Artist of the month October


What role does being creative play in your everyday life? Are you creative in other ways besides watercolor and lettering?

I can't imagine that there are many things that could make me happier than painting. And by that I specifically mean painting, because I can't draw! The whole process makes me calm, including researching for good subjects or just sitting there dreamily thinking about what colors, what tools I want to do something cool with right away.
Or, also just so satisfying, peeling off the tape when a watercolor painting is finished. I really enjoy all of this. I have brief periods where I knot up a macramé or potter some warped mixed palettes, too. I've also had the embroidery needle in my hand a time or two, or in my finger... These are only short bursts though, I always come back to brush and paint.

You're traveling to a desert island and are only allowed to take one pen/brush/color with you - what do you choose?

An Edding 1800 fineliner, a da Vinci Casaneo 498 wash brush, a saucer of neutral ink (and then sneak a pad of The Langton Prestige paper into the suitcase).

How did you manage to find your own style?

Haha! I used to say until not so long ago that I was the one without my own style. Now I hear more and more often that people recognize my works immediately. I don't know how that happened. Probably you can't make it up, then you would impose something on yourself. I think it just happens automatically over time, because you get stuck with what you enjoy the most.

Do you have role models - if so, which ones?

Honestly? No. I have never had any. There are some people I admire a lot for what they do and how they are (in the creative field see above).

Creativity and social media - what are your thoughts on this?

I wouldn't be writing this interview right now without social media.

Do you have any other creative goals and dreams you're looking forward to?

Nope. No pressure as far as that goes! I'm just enjoying...

Thank you for the interview, dear Jenny