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With this Watercolour all-round carefree box you have everything ready to dive out of the everyday life. Carrie takes you into her wonderful boho world full of dried flowers and filled with endless knowledge about Loose Watercolour.

In the box you will find everything you need to get creative. Six different Van Gogh colors in the tube, carefully selected and color-coordinated. In addition, you get the matching watercolor blank box with enough space to mix colors. You will also find two Van Gogh brushes in sizes 4 and 8, a kneaded eraser, an acrylic marker, a watercolor crayon for preliminary drawing and a natural bag for storing the painting utensils. With the Rembrandt watercolor block with 100% cotton you also have high-quality paper to start directly.

A total of five different motifs and over 100 minutes of creative time await you.

Exclusively with us, you also receive the five painting templates from the look book (available as a PDF and filled with tips, tricks and inspiration) already printed out.

Here you can see all products at a glance:

  • 6 Van Gogh watercolor tubes à 10 ml
  • 2 Van Gogh round brushes (size 8 & 4)
  • Rembrandt watercolor block, 24 x 32cm made of 100% cotton
  • Lockable mixing palette in white
  • Fabric brush & paint case, natural color
  • Amsterdam All Acrylics acrylic markers in white (2 mm)
  • Bruynzeel kneaded eraser
  • Bruynzeel watercolor pencil in light gray

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