PIGMENT Decobrush all 84 single colors

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A pen that can do everything! Finally we can hold it in our hands! The Pigment DecoBrush Marker from KARIN. Yay!

Whether on light or dark surfaces - the opaque colors (a total of 84!) Give you the freedom to conjure with the Brushpen on wood, glass, stone and of course paper. This pen works similar to an acrylic marker - but with a high-quality nylon brush tip. The special thing about this pen is not only the flexible Brushpen tip but also the handling. Thanks to a unique technique, it is not necessary to pump out the paint. With the oblique-horizontal storage, the annoying pumping (including color stains) is eliminated. In addition, the colors (when wet) can be mixed with each other - blending and beautiful color gradients are thus also possible!

The Pigment DecoBrush Markers contain 2.4 ml of non-toxic opaque colors based on organic pigments and can be used to the last drop.

  • 84 colors in total
  • Made in Poland
  • High UV resistance
  • Waterproof (after drying)
  • Even suitable for textiles (after fixing)
  • Nylon brush tip ideal for brushlettering

Here you can find the official leaflet from Karin

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